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Tax & Accounting Series: Tax

We love all things tax! But not in the sense that you might think... We love you paying the least amount possible to the taxman - that's our job. We can assist you with taxation matters, the all crucial tax planning in May/June each financial year, managing GST and PAYGW, and all tax and compliance matters for your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund.


We know you don't love anything tax related and it's our aim to get the job done in the most effective fashion, leaving you paying as little as possible to the taxman.

We prepare all types of tax returns and complete financials for entity types such as companies, trust, partnerships, self-managed superannuation funds. As a part of our process we prepare a full tax report for clients providing graphs on turnover, profit and tax payable together with a summary of all their overall positions and much more. Our insight provided throughout the year together with the analysis provided in our year end report will assist you in making important business decisions and identifying areas that may need further attention. Accurate and detailed financial information gives our clients the knowledge and confidence required to get the job done and make the right decisions for their business..

Tax Planning

We know you don't love tax and like paying tax even less. It can be major cost in your business and not managing it correctly can be a significant barrier to cash flow and achieving your business goals. We can assist you in minimising your tax with good planning solutions that are tailored to you and your business. May/June is an exciting time of the year for us as we have the opportunity to forward plan and make the biggest difference to your tax positions while we have the opportunity prior to 30 June. We also have qualified financial advisers on hand in our team to assist you if we can see any opportunities. It's all about understanding your complete positions and taking a helicopter view to ensure there are no missed opportunities. At this time we also take the opportunity to consider your future needs and requirements to ensure you remain in the most appropriate tax structure for your family/business group.

Some of the things we look at in tax planning include reducing assessable income and increasing allowable deductions, distribution of income, increasing tax offsets, defer of tax payments and business structuring n just to name a few.

Self-Managed Superannuation Fund

HM Business Partners have the expertise and experience to offer you comprehensive SMSF services. All SMSF's trustees are required to have financial statements prepared, lodge income tax and regulatory return and other relevant statement with the ATO and we are happy to assist you lighten the administrative burden.

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